Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Have you ever wanted a scarf that you were able to pick out the colors, and flip flops to match it. Or how about a blanket for you or someone special that's unique and special. My scarves and blankets are specialy made and personlized just for you. Now you can have a scarf for school events, with your school colors, and show off your school pride. Or a special baby blanket, just for your little one.

Scarves: $10
Flip Flops: $10
Scarf/Flip Flop: $15
Baby Blankets: $15 - $20
Blankets: $25 - $35
Pony Tail Holder: $5

Shipping for the US: $5
Shipping outside of the US: $10
*Shipping to some countries outside of the US is currently not available.

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